Views of the River Styx

January 4, 2015

View of the River Styx Art Exhibit

Views of the River Styx” was an exhibit at the SideQuest Gallery. The main installation was a “Styx Boat” displayed with oarsmen and a three-headed demon. Legend has it that the River Styx was the last barrier to be crossed in the soul’s trip to hell. In this version Hell has burned itself out; its ruins appear after the fact. Other installations included a set of ships suspended in the front window, and two “Apocalypse Mobiles”. Articulated puppets were displayed with dialogue samples and instructions for manipulation. For the inter-active event, viewers were invited to improvise with the puppets to music. (2014).

Main Image Above: Styx Boat

Francesca Borgatta-Sculpture-In the City of Armageddon
Main Image Above: In the City of Armageddon

Dirty Dawg Dialogue

Dirty Dawg Detail
Image Above: Dirty Dawg Detail

Francesca Borgatta Articulated Puppets Dirty Dawg

Dirty Dawg

Oh yes, I am a Dirty Dog, a snavelly gourmande. You can hear me growl deep into my belly. Am I awful? I will eat anything, I am afraid, even offal. Yes, I will come when you call, but I’m too rank to hold. I stink, I think. There are worse places I could be lying with my tail between my legs. See me wagging, I am asking for treats, that is how you taught me. I’ll stand back and howl with the firetrucks. I am a rank chorus. Woof, Woof, I’ll blow your roof off.

As the one who waits quietly beside your door, all I wanted was a sign of affection. Let me gently lick your hand.

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